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There are students in grades two through twelve representing many nationalities. The international nature of the student body allows students to experience the opportunity to learn from other races and cultures. 

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Student Services

Students of Shoreless Lake School are provided those services most conducive and necessary for a successful school experience and for gaining appropriate career opportunities and post-secondary placements in colleges and universities.

The school provides Testing, Guidance, and Counseling services, including:

  • Courses in Spanish in SLS (Spain).

  • Courses in English (USA).

  • Guidance for admission to European universities.

  • Guidance for admission to American universities.

  • On-site administration of the PSAT test.

  • On-site administration of Advanced Placement tests.

  • On-site administration of SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject tests (formerly known as SAT I and SAT II) (Spanish Center).

  • Career and College counseling.

  • Information and assistance regarding scholarships contests and financial aid.

Audiovisual and print resources are housed at both the school in Totana and the Student Activity Center in Mazarrón. The print collection includes nearly 10,000 books, an excellent collection of historical, physical, and political maps, and an extensive slide collection. The school center has networked computers and DVD players in many of the classrooms as well as a computer science classroom dedicated exclusively to the teaching of technological skills. The school has permanent Internet access through a high-speed DSL connection. 

The Student Activity Center has a remarkable array of the latest technology (networked computers, home cinema system) many DVDs, videos, and an impressive collection of computer games and educational software. There is also permanent Internet access through a high-speed DSL connection which enables boarding students to e-mail parents and friends.

Student Activities

Sports are a necessary component of an integral human formation. In accordance with this criterion, sports activities are held at Shoreless Lake School to a prudent and suitable degree. Students are encouraged to participate in the school's sports and co-curricular activities. Given the campus’ proximity to pristine natural spaces, students have the opportunity to go on hiking trips all year round. The Student Activity Center is located on a property called “El Pedregal,” in Mazarrón, Murcia.

Only a few yards from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the Student Center –home to the boys on weekends and vacations– includes students’ sleeping quarters, recreation areas, the main library, a study center, a chapel, playing fields, and scenic grounds where students can commune with nature. The Student Activity Center offers a wide variety of activities including fishing, swimming, gardening, raising and tending animals, and watching films. There are annual trips to the cities of Granada, Toledo, Burgos, and Madrid as well as other field trips that both enhance and complement the academic program.

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Our Philosophy

SLS, seeking an integral education of the human being, is the result of a long-cherished dream of the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest: to make available to young people an indispensable and total formation based on Catholic values and tradition. Such a lofty endeavor will be achieved on both intellectual and moral levels.

On the intellectual level, Shoreless Lake School will provide the students with the deepest and most comprehensive education. It will be based on a straightforward and non-compromising love of the truth, goodness, and beauty as the Catholic tradition understands those transcendentals, and always in the purest and most excellent academic terms.

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School Day

Classes begin at 8:30 A.M. and end at 2:30 P.M. The school day is distributed over six periods of 50 minutes each:

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​Two special awards are granted by Shoreless Lake School each year on Graduation Day. The Father Alfonso Award is granted to students with a Grade Average of A or above; the Headmaster Award is granted to those students with an average of B+.

Awards and scholarships granted to SLS students since the establishment of the school:

§ The College Board (Advanced Placement Program)

  • AP Scholar - Granted to students who receive grades of 3 or higher on three or more full-year AP examinations.

  • AP Scholar with Distinction - Granted to students who receive grades of 3 or higher on five or more full-year AP examinations with an average exam grade of at least 3.50.

  • National AP Scholar - Granted to students who receive an average AP grade of at least 4 on eight or more full-year AP examinations.

§ National Merit Scholarship Corporation

  • Commended Student

§ State of New Jersey

  • 1995 Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship. (Based on academic merit: Only 176 scholarships were awarded to New Jersey residents)

  • State of New Jersey Garden State Scholarship Program

  • Edward J. Bloustein Distinguished Scholars. (Based on highest academic merit: awarded to New Jersey residents)

§ New Jersey Space Grant Consortium (NASA fellowship grant)

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Graduated Students

Shoreless Lake School graduates have been accepted at the following institutions of higher learning:

  • Albert Dorman Honors College, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

  • Columbia University (NY)

  • Cornell University (NY) Immaculata College (PA)

  • Johns Hopkins University (MD)

  • Walsh University (OH)

  • Kent State University (OH)

  • Lafayette College (PA)

  • Lehigh University (PA)

  • Rutgers University (NJ)

  • St. John's University (NY)

  • University of Murcia (Spain)

  • Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany

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