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Always Beyond

Shoreless Lake School

"Youth is a time for generosity, for self-giving to high ideals, for setting out after great adventures."


  • Take Autovía del Mediterráneo (E-15 N340 Highway) from Murcia and get off at Exit 617 (Aledo) which will take you directly to Totana (Totana Centro).

  • Keep going until you arrive at downtown Totana (Totana Centro) where the City Hall (Ayuntamiento) and Church are.

  • Then go through la Rambla (St. Rita’s Bridge) and take the second left, following the signs to La Santa-Aledo-Sierra Espuña.

  • When turning left you will find yourself in St. Eulalia’s Av. Follow it all the way until you reach an intersection with a Stone Cross in its center (Intersección de la Cruz.)

  • From there, choose the path on your left (Carivete-La Huerta) until you reach the school. This path is about 2 km (a little more than a mile).

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